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ToGo is an online ordering platform that enables your restaurant to fight back against chargebacks and credit card disputes.

$0 Transaction Fees.
$0 Commissions.
$0 Chargebacks.

Our aggregated settlement program offers competitive processing rates, sends funds to your bank daily, and covers all chargebacks and card disputes. Plus you get all of the features and functionality of our powerful online ordering system. To name a few:

Are ahargebacks and credit card disputes hurting your restaurant?
We can help.

Get your online ordering page now.

As the government is mandating limited dine-in operations for restaurants across the nation, we are eliminating our setup fees for the next two months.

Our expedited installation will help your restaurant quickly launch an online ordering system so that you can continue serving your customers with takeout, curbside, and delivery options.

In addition, we partnered with Spendgo, a restaurant marketing platform, and will be including this integration for $0 until June, 2020.

Together, we stand committed to help our restaurant partners weather this storm and emerge stronger than ever.
  • integrations with most payment gateways
  • match your existing branding
  • flat monthly cost of $99 per location
  • no commissions, no transaction fees, no percentage fees
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How it works:

ToGo Technologies - Customer Ordering
Order is placed via your
online ordering page
(matches your existing branding)
ToGo Technologies - Order in Kitchen
Order automatically appears
in your kitchen
(via email, printer, or tablet*)
ToGo Technologies - Customer in Car
Send the order via delivery,
or customer can pick up without
leaving their car
(curbside "I'm here" feature)*
*requires subscription to Fresh KDS
"ToGoTechnologies is more than a vendor, they are part of the Taziki's family. I can say without a doubt that ToGo has been integral to our success, and that we would not be where we are today without this partnership."

Dan Simpson
CEO, Taziki's

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Fresh KDS?

Fresh KDS is a beautifully simple kitchen display system built for Square POS and Square Register.

Fresh KDS can reduce or replace the need for printed paper tickets, and help your kitchen staff keep track of ticket times, get orders out more quickly, and gamify their work.

How Hard is it to Get Started with Fresh KDS?

Getting started with Fresh KDS is easy and painless. Most restaurateurs call it a “non issue” or “a breeze”. It takes about 10-15 minutes including downloads.

Basically, you sign up, connect to Square, and watch orders start displaying in real time. For step-by-step instructions click on Getting Started > Quick Start Guide above.

How Easy Will it be for My Team to Learn the System?

Fresh KDS is incredibly intuitive and has limited interactions to make it convenient for kitchen environments (gloves, moisture, food residue). Tap a ticket to clear it from the screen. That’s it.

How Many Screens Can I Have?

Currently, Fresh KDS can support up to 10 screens per location. The base package includes up to 2 screens, and it's super simple to add additional screens at any time.

Does Fresh KDS Support Multiple Locations?

Yes! Each brand can have many locations, but each location will need a separate Fresh KDS subscription. You can upgrade or cancel a subscription for one location without affecting your other locations.

Can I use a single fresh kDS subscription across multiple locations?

No, a separate subscription is required for each location.

Is Fresh KDS Available outside of the USA?

Yes! Fresh KDS is currently available in the countries listed below, and we are continuously adding support for additional locations.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • United States

How many users can my brand have?

There is currently no limit to the number of users that can be associated with a brand.

Do You Offer Support?

Indeed we do!  In addition to detailed FAQs and troubleshooting guides, we have a Help Desk where you can submit a ticket any time. Simply select Troubleshooting & Support > Contact Support.

Is There a Free Trial?

We do not currently offer a free trial for Fresh KDS. But there are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time (but we know you will want to stick around :) )

Want to Learn More?

Let Us Show You How Easy Digital Ordering is Supposed to Be...

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