Release Notes

New Features, Improvements, Bug Fixes
January 31, 2024

New Features/Improvements

1. Order Recommendations based on User Order History - Added the ability to display an ‘Upsell’ prompt based on the signed in user’s order history.

  • A new setting was added on the Location Home page ‘User Specific “Recommendations’

  • The user must sign in, select an Order Type and select a Menu.  The prompt is based on the user’s order history from the selected menu.
  • The 3 most ordered items from the last 4 orders where the quantity is greater than 1 is displayed. If a user has only ordered 1 item more than once, then that is the only item displayed in the modal.  1,2 or 3 items are displayed.
  • If an image exists for the item, the image is displayed when the item card is tapped. 

2. RPower - Added Gift Card tender type to RPower. There is a new setting on the RPower POS Integration page to define a Gift Card Payment Method ID.  When a Gift Card integration is defined, a corresponding Gift Card Payment Method ID needs to be defined on the POS Integration page. The Gift Card Payment Method ID is used when integrating orders into the RPower POS.

3. Promo Codes by Menu Item - Added the ability to define eligible items for promo codes.

  • Added the PLU Management tab
  • Add Eligible PLU - Define the menu items required for promo to be valid.  Multiple PLUs can be defined.
  • Free Item - When checked, the discount applied will be equal to the price of the cheapest eligible item in the order
  • Required number of eligible items - Defines how many eligible items (PLU) must be included on the order for the promo code to be valid
  • Number of times promotion can be applied - Defines the number of times the discount can be applied to the order.  If a promo code requires 2 eligible items and there are 4 eligible items on the order and ‘Number of times promotion can be applied’ = 2, then the value of 2 discounts is added to the order. If the setting is set to 1, then only 1 discount will be applied to the order.
  • Can configure as a BOGO - Free Item with ‘Required number of eligible items’ = 2 
  • All eligible items must have a PLU.  If the location is a non-integrated location, a unique PLU will need to be manually defined on the Menu in OrderCloud.
  • Eligible items cannot have sizes defined and the price cannot be in the modifier.
  • PLUs MUST be the same across locations.
  • If the Promotion is defined with a Percentage off, the percentage is off of the order total, not the eligible items.
  • If the Promotion is defined with a Dollar off, the amount is  off of the order total, not the eligible items.

4. Promo Codes by Order Type - Catering for Pickup and Catering for Delivery are now separated into 2 separate Order Types.

5.Northstar Fees - Fees are now sent to Northstar POS.  ALL fees must be configured as an open menu item.  The Northstar Menu External Code must be defined on the Northstar POS Integrations page.

The Northstar Menu Item External Code is defined in the POS ID field for each of the desired Fees on the Order Types page.

6. Menu Item Labels - Menu item Labels have been added to the Menu Item definition in OrderCloud.  Labels defined in OrderCloud will display on the Menu Item card on the ordering site.  

The predefined labels are:

1. GF - Gluten Free

2. V - Vegetarian

3. VG - Vegan

4. NF - Nut Free

5. PF - Peanut free

6. EF - Egg Free

7. SoF - Soy free

8. DF - Dairy Free

9. SF - Sugar free

         10. O - Organic

         11. K - Kosher

Merchant can add the label key in the Menu Item Footnote located on the Merchant Admin page

CSS can be updated to alter the display of the labels. menu-item-labels css class name can be configured using CSS on the Merchant Admin page.

7. Custom Tips - Added the Tip Options section to the Location Admin page. Company Admins, Merchant Admins and Location Admins all have access to these settings. Added the ability to define Tips as Fixed Dollar or Fixed Percentage

  • User can define up to 4 Tip amounts that display on the Checkout page 
  • Tips always display in ascending order
  • No Tip’ and ‘Other’ are always options
  • ‘Other is ALWAYS a dollar amount
  • User can define a default Tip.  When a default Tip is defined, that Tip is auto selected on the Checkout page.
  • Update still needs to be added to the Togo App


1. OrderCloud Menu Loading

  • In an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes for menus to load in OrderCloud Pagination was added.  
  • Added Pagination when loading the Item Library
  • ‘Include Inactive Items’ is now located at the top of the Item Library
  • Search feature now exists when trying to find items in the Item Library

User navigates through the Item Library, page by page.

2. ToGo Offers - Fixed an issue where Percentage Off ToGo Offers did not apply the correct amount off the order.  The correct amount is now included in the payload when integrating with Brink POS. 

3. Linga Tax - Fixed an issue where ToGo orders created a tax mismatch when orders integrated into Linga POS. Added the required tax fields on each item in the order integration payload.

4. Refund Email - Fixed an issue where a second refund email was sent to the customer when a Loyalty Reward/Reward Dollars were redeemed as payment on the order.  We stopped the second email from being sent.

System Updates

1. Updated User Permissions - Only ToGo Admins can create new companies, merchants and locations

2. Inactive Locations Report - On the Global > Reports page, ToGo Admins have the ability to run a report for Active Locations Without Orders in the past ‘X’ number of days.  

3. Added GA4 datalayer updates.

4. Added State and Zip to the SaveAddress endpoint for the App.

December 13th, 2023

New Features/Improvements

  1. Save Delivery Address - Delivery addresses are now automatically savedfor signed in users.  Users can enter a new address or select a saved address from the dropdown. Saved addresses can be modified and saved as a new address.
December 4th, 2023


  1. Northstar menuId Update - Fixed an issue where the menuId was not always populated in the order payload to Northstar

System Update

  1. Brink POS API Update - Required by Brink
November 15th, 2023

New Features/Improvements

  • Northstar: Multiple Menus Supported -  Added the ability to import multiple menus from Northstar POS allowing locations that have multiple menus (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) defined in the Northstar POS to import each menu individually into OrderCloud.  When creating a menu in OrderCloud, the user selects the Northstar POS menu to import. That Northstar menu will import and sync. 
  • Northstar Menu Sync - Menu item descriptions are now included in the menu sync.  Northstar is the system of record so any menu item description manually updated in OrderCloud will be overwritten with a menu sync. 
  • Image and Video for App uploaded from OrderCloud - For merchants with a ToGo App, we added the ability to define the Carousel images (up to 6) and Background/Landing page image in OrderCloud that will be retrieved by the App allowing merchants to update their images without needing a new App build released to the App stores. There is a 1000 character limit on the url defined. NOTE: The App piece is still under development. 


  • Instructions in Email for Catering order types - Fixed an issue where the instructions defined in OrderCloud for Catering for Pickup and Catering for Delivery order types were not displaying in the order confirmation email. 
  • Factor4 Gift Cards - Fixed an issue where gift card redemptions would fail if the redemption amount was less than $1.00.  Added a leading zero to the redemption value when the redemption amount was less than $1.00. 

System Updates

  • Refund Failure Notification - A report will be emailed nightly to ToGo Development containing the information on failed refunds.  
  • AWS Required Update
  • Additional logging added for OneDine
  • Additional logging added for Linga

September 6th, 2023

New Features/Improvements

1. Required At Checkout - This setting has always required ToGo Admin permissions.  We updated the ‘Required At Checkout’ so Company Admins, Merchant Admins and Merchant Admin Limited users now have access to the setting.  

2. Minimum Order Amount  - We added the ability to define a minimum order amount for the Takeout, Curbside and Drive-Thru order types.  The setting already existed for Catering for Pickup, Catering for Delivery and Delivery.  Company Admins, Merchant Admins, Merchant Admins Limited, Location Admins and Location Managers have access to this field. 

3. Instructions -  Added the ability to define Instructions that display on the order confirmation page for the Catering for Pickup, Catering for Delivery, Delivery and Order From Table order types.


4. Brink Menu Sync Update - The Brink Menu Sync now adds new items to the correct Menu Section where previously they were added to the ‘New Items From POS’ Menu Section and had to be manually added to Menu Sections. 

5. Customer Surcharge Label - Added the ability to define a custom label for Surcharges.  The label displays in the cart, on the checkout page and on customer order confirmation email. Company Admins, Merchant Admins, Merchant Admins Limited and Location Admins have access to this field. NOTE:  This label does not affect the Dasher Tip for DoorDash Drive orders. 


  1. OneDine Curbside Order Type Id - When Curbside is a subset of the Takeout order type, the Curbside order type Id, not the Takeout order type id is included in the order payload to OneDine. 
  2. Changing Users From Inactive To Active - When reactivating a user, the Permission field must be populated in order to save the user. 

System Updates

  1. OrderCloud Users -  The IP address of OrderCloud users is now being logged.
  2. Banking Information - For security purposes, the Banking Information on the Location Admin page is now a ToGo Admin only permission. 

August 9th, 2023

New Features/Improvements

  1. Factor4 Gift Cards - Factor4 Gift Cards are now available as a Stored Value/Gift Card integration. The following configuration settings are required (provided by Factor4):
  • ClientID
  • LocationID
  • TerminalID
  • Require PIN needs to be turned on if the merchant requires the PIN to be entered for redemption
  • UI Message URL - Merchants can add a link to their gift card page in the OrderCloud gift card set up. Customers can use this link to open the gift card page and reload a gift card prior to checking out.

This is the url for that link.

  1. UI Message URL - This is the message displayed for the url. 


  1. CoreCommerce - Update made to send ‘Amount’ in the PATCH payload allowing transactions where the authorization is greater than capture to successfully capture.  


  1. Offers - Fixed an issue where the system did not recognize the Location, Order Type or Age Restriction Types. 
  1. Locations, the OrderCloud Location ID is entered in the Restriction Value field for locations that ARE eligible for the Offer
  2. Age - Enter the age the user must be in order to redeem the Offer in the Restriction Value field.
  3. Order Type - Enter the Order Types that are NOT eligible for Offer redemption in the Restriction Value field.  NOTE: The Order Type names are the names referenced in the database and NOT in OrderCloud. 
  1. Order From The Table = DineIn
  2. Take Out = CarryOut 
  3. Delivery = Delivery
  4. Drive-Thru = DriveThru
  5. Curbside = Carside
  6. Catering = Catering (Catering for Pickup and Catering for Delivery are not separated

  1. Email Notification - Fixed an issue where the Email Address field did not display in the correct location on the modal when using Chrome. 

  1. Brink Direct & % Off Promo Codes - Fixed an issue where % off promo codes were not sending the discount amount in the order payload to Brink.  When configuring % off Promo Codes, the POS Integration ID must be an open dollar Brink discount code, NOT an open percentage off discount code. ToGo calculates the % off discount value, then sends the dollar amount to Brink. ToGo does NOT send the percentage to Brink.

System Updates

  1. OneDine 86 Webhook - Added additional security to the header of the webhook and updated the configuration settings for OneDine 86 webhook

May 17, 2023

New Features/Improvements

  1. Refund Reasons - Added the ability to define and link Refund Reasons to refunds processed via OrderCloud.
    a. Define Refund Reasons - Refund Reasons are defined on the Merchant > Admin page below Single Sign-On settings.
  1. B. Link the Refund Reason to the Refund - Refund Reasons must be linked to Full and Partial refunds in order to process the refund.
  1. C. Orders Report Updated with Refund Reason - Refund Reasons display on the Orders tab in OrderCloud. (NOTE: You must manually add the Refund Reason column)

A new column, Refund Reason, was added to the .csv file for exporting.

Linga POS Integration - Added a Comment field to the payload for the ‘Who Is This For’ field when integrating orders into Linga POS. The <Comment> will print as the last field in an item and delineated with a ‘*’.

Brink Direct POS Integration Menu Sync - Functionality was added to the Brink POS menu sync so the menu item name, menu item description and the modifier name are now updated with menu syncs. 

Image url - Increased the number of characters allowed for the image url from 255 to 2047.

mParticle update - Added “discount_total” as a custom attribute of the purchase event.


OneDine - Fixed an issue where Linked Items were not importing or syncing  correctly. 

OneDine - Fixed an issue where Nested Modifiers were not included in the order integration payload. 

OneDine - Fixed an issue where Convenience Fees and Surcharges configured as an open menu item (on non-Delivery Order Types) were not included in the order integration payload. 

Core Commerce Credit Card Processing - Fixed an issue where partial refunds did not always successfully process if the batch was not settled in Core Commerce. This is an edge case because Core Commerce is configured to always auto settle at a time that is prior to the ToGo Refund Processor batch job running (9:00 UTC).

System Updates

Updated the PhoneNumberUTil Library from version 8.9 to the newest version 8.13.

Removed all reference to Loggly logging.

Added a Menu Availability web endpoint for the App. 

Updated the Global ‘Allowable IP Addresses’ to include credit card payments.

March 19, 2023

New Features/Improvements

Brink Direct POS Integration - Functionality was added to the ToGo - Brink POS integration

  • DoorDash Drive - DDD with Brink POS is now supported. All fees (Delivery Fee, Service Fee and Dasher Tip) integrate as an open menu item; the POS ID defined on the Delivery Order Type. 
  • Gift Cards - Gift Card redemption is now supported with Brink POS.  Gift Card redemptions integrate into Brink POS using a separate Tender ID. The Gift Card Tender ID is defined on the Brink POS Integration page in OrderCloud.  
  • Loyalty Discount ID - Paytronix Loyalty Reward Dollar redemption is now supported with Brink POS.  Reward Dollar redemptions integrate into Brink POS using a Discount ID. The Loyalty Discount ID is defined on the Brink POS Integration page in OrderCloud.  
  • Paytronix Loyalty - Paytronix Loyalty is now supported with the Brink POS integration.  Rewards are redeemed and loyalty points earned on ToGo online orders. 
  • Convenience Fee and Surcharge as Open Menu items - Added the ability to send the Convenience Fee and Surcharge as an open dollar menu item for all Order Types that are not Delivery (Takeout, Curbside, Drive-thru, Catering for pickup and Order from Table) with Brink POS.  The POS ID must be entered and the ‘Open Item’ toggle setting must be on.

OneDine Integration - Updated the OneDine menu sync to sync the display name for menu items, modifier groups and modifiers. 


DDD with Catering for Delivery - Fixed a bug where customers could place a Catering for Delivery DDD order with a Pickup time earlier than Open Time + Prep Time. 

System Updates

Core Commerce Credit Card Processing  - Update made to the Header in the capture request sent to Core Commerce. 

April 3, 2023

New Features/Improvements

Hot Fixes

  1. Square POS Integration - Fixed a bug (introduced by the required Square update released on 03.15.23) where Guest checkout was not including the ToGo Order ID in the payload when integrating with Square POS causing order detail . 
  2. Heartland AVS - Fixed a bug with AVS validation with Heartland. ToGo is now completing an Account Verify prior to authorizations and purchases so customers should not see authorizations or charges hitting their accounts and then removed. 
  3. Brink Direct POS Integration - Added <xs:enumeration value="CompCard" /> as valid item type for menu imports and menu syncs. t

System Updates

  1. Core Commerce Credit Card processing  - Made some configuration changes for the production environment. 

March 15, 2023

New Features/Improvements

  1. Square (Required by Square) - Square is deprecating the Square.connect functionality so ToGo implemented the Square SDK.  Update should be seamless to the merchants. As part of this update, images will now update with menu syncs. 


  1. OneDine Integration - Updates made to the OneDine integration for both Menu and Order integration (importing/syncing “No” modifiers, Personica offers, replace_parent items)
  2. Heartland AVS - Fixed a bug with AVS validation with Heartland. 

System Updates

  1. Paytronix Loyalty Integration  - Updated the Transaction ID data type from an Integer to Long.
  2. mParticle - Updates made per mParticle requests.
  3. Removed ExternalPromotion.empty variable
  4. Security Update - Added the ability to whitelist an IP address for the ordering site.
  5. Northstar - Added additional logging so the full Northstar response is logged. 

February 15, 2023

New Features/Improvements

  1. Surcharges - Added the ability to calculate Surcharges on Net Sales. A new setting was added to all non-delivery Order Types.  

When ‘Apply Surcharge on Net Sales’ is ON, Surcharge calculation is ((subtotal-discount)*surcharge %).  

When Apply Surcharge on Net Sales’ is OFF, Surcharge calculation is (subtotal*surcharge %).

  1. mParticle - Add the ToGo User ID to the data sent to mParticle from the web online ordering site. 


  1. OneDine Integration - Updates made to OneDine for both Menu and Order integration

System Updates

  1. Security Update  - Added checks to lock out users after multiple failed login attempts. 

January 25th, 2023

 New Features/Improvements

  1. Order Failure Notification Emails - Added the Order Type to the subject line of the Order Failure Notification Email.  Catering for Pickup and Catering for Delivery both display as Catering
  2. OneDine Integration - OneDine Integration now exists for order integration with Aloha POS.


  1. User Account Update - Fixed an issue where users could not update their account information for Square Loyalty merchants. 
  2. Brink Menu ID - Added a new setting on the Brink POS Integration page identifying the Menu ID of the Brink Menu to import.  It must be defined for orders to integrate successfully into Brink POS.
  3. U+2019 Apostrophe - The U+2019 apostrophe (’) causes orders to fail integration when POS = Omnivore MMS. We are now filtering out the U+2019 apostrophe (’) and changing it to the system apostrophe (‘).

System Updates

  1. OneSignal API Key and App ID  - Only ToGo Admin users have the permission to update the OneSignal API Key and OneSignal APP ID fields.  The Push Notification Title and Push Notification message fields are still available for other users.
  2. Additional logging
  1. Added additional logging for TokenEx
  2. Added additional logging for Heartland Credit Card processing
  1. Calendar update for the App - An endpoint was added so the App can pull the correct number of days for the Day and Time picker.
  2. Canceled Future Day Orders With Rewards/Charge Morning Of - Fixed an issue where a future day order that is charged the morning of and contains a loyalty reward or external offer was inadvertently sending an email to the customer notifying them their payment was not processed. 

December 19th, 2022


  1. Push Notifications with the Ion App - Fixed an issue where Push Notifications were not being sent with the Ion App. There are new settings for sending Push Notifications with the Ion App.
  1. Meso App merchants will continue to use the original ‘Push Notifications’ section on the Engagement page in OrderCloud
  2. Ion App merchants will use the new ‘OneSignal Push Notifications’ section on the Engagement page in OrderCloud
  1. The OneSignal API Key and OneSignal App ID will be provided and populated by the ToGo team.
  2. Merchants now have the option to enter a Title on their push notifications. Title is not required.
  3. The last successful push notification will display along with the timestamp the notification was sent. 

System Updates

  1. Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the ordering site - The default ToGo Technologies Terms of Service and Privacy Policy were updated with links.
December 7th, 2022

New Features/Improvements

  1. Limit The Modifiers Entered - In an effort to improve the customer experience, a pop-up will now display when the maximum number of modifiers configured is selected. Currently, the error doesn't display until the user tries to add the item to their cart. 

Below is the error message displayed:

  1. Block Users By IP - Added the ability to block users from submitting an order by their IP address. 
  2. User Page Updates - To improve user usability, updates were made to the User page.
  1. Added the ability to display only ‘Active’ users.  When the toggle setting ‘Inactive Users’ is ON, both Active and Inactive users display. When the toggle setting ‘Inactive Users’ is OFF, only Active users display. 
  1. For Location level users, the entire page no longer scrolls, only the modal scrolls.
  2. For Location level users, the Location ID now displays in addition to the Location Name, Address, City and State.
  1. Infor POS Update - An update was implemented on the Infor side that required the phone number to be 11-16 digits rather than the standard 10.  We made an update so a ‘1’ was prepended to the phone number. 


  1. DDD and Special Delivery Instructions - The current DDD integration did not send information entered in the Special Instructions on the ‘Enter The Delivery Address’ page. We made an update to the DDD integration so ‘Special Delivery Instructions’ are now included in the payload sent to DoorDash. ToGo does not have any control over what DoorDash does with that information.  If a merchant does not want the special delivery instructions option to display, the field can be hidden with CSS. 
  1. Cancel Orders With Rewards - Fixed an issue where an order that contained a loyalty reward or external offer could not be canceled. 

System Updates

  1. Refund Emails - Currently, all refunds (credit card, gift card, external offers, loyalty) must be successful in order for the Refund Email to be sent to the customer. ToGo made an update so the Refund Email is always sent when the credit card and gift card refund is successful. A failed refund for loyalty or an external offer will not keep the Refund Email from being sent to the customer.   
  2. Cancel Future Day Orders/Charge Morning Of - Added logic so the Advanced Order service doesn’t inadvertently send an email to the customer for canceled future day orders the morning the order would have been charged notifying them their payment wasn’t processed. 
  3. Northstar POS - Added additional logging for Northstar POS integrations.
  4. Security Updates were completed.

November 6th, 2022

New Features/Improvements

  1. Send Convenience Fee and Surcharge As Open Menu Item - Added the ability to send the Convenience Fee and Surcharge as an open dollar menu item for all Order Types that are not Delivery (Takeout, Curbside, Drive-thru, Catering for pickup and Order from Table)

The POS ID must be entered and the ‘Open Item’ toggle setting must be on.

Sending the Convenience Fee and Surcharge as an Open Menu Item works with AlohaMMS and nonMMS, MicrosMMS and nonMMS, BrinkMMS, POSitouch and RPower.

For RPower - Create menu items, Name = Surcharge or Name = Convenience Fee (the name is entered in the POS ID field)

  1. New Tax method - Added the new tax rule, Bankers Rounding, where 0.5 rounds to even. For example, if tax is 1.445 tax rounds to 1.44 of tax is 1.455 tax rounds up to 1.46

Needs to be turned on for Square POS integrations.

  1. ‘Send SMS Order Confirmation’ setting on the Merchant Admin page - In an effort to reduce any confusion as to how this setting functions, we added the note ‘This function only works with the I’m Here link’ In order to send an SMS order confirmation, you must use the I’m Here link functionality. NOTE: The merchant will be charged for text messages. 
  2. Charge Credit Card Button Update - The Charge Credit Card Button displays when a POS integration order fails at price check and the credit card or gift card still needs to be captured. Currently, if an order contains a loyalty reward or an external offer and that redemption fails, the capture process stops and the credit card/gift card is never charged. 

Update Made: When the Charge Credit Card button is selected and the Loyalty or External Offer fail redemption, the process continues and the gift card/credit card is charged/captured.


  1. Shift4 and AVS Validation - Fixed an issue where we were not sending the AVS in the AVS field to Shift4 when obtaining a credit card authorization.  
  2. Fixed an issue where the fees were being deducted from the cart total if there was a Required Item At Checkout configured. NOTE: This did NOT affect the amount captured. The amount captured was correct; the issue was only that the total that displayed in the cart on the checkout page might not have always displayed the correct total.  

System Updates

  1. Only ToGo Admins can create new locations - In order to have better control over our billing we needed to implement a user permission update so only ToGo Admins can create new locations.  This will ensure that the new location setup is complete and merchants get billed correctly. 
  2. Added logging for Twilio. All backup notification calls and SMS messages will now be logged as to when they were sent to Twilio for processing. 

September 26, 2022

New Features/Improvements

  1. Require Name in Guest Check-out - Added the ability for Guests to checkout without having to provide their First Name or Last Name. Fields will still display on the Checkout page and can be hidden with CSS.
  2. Require Phone # in Guest Check-out - Added the ability for Guests to checkout without having to provide their Phone #.  When the location is configured with a POS integration and ‘Calculate Final Price from POS’ the following Note and Tool Tip display: NOTE: Recommendation: Keep "Require Phone # in Guest Check-out" Checked TOOL TIP: Leave 'Require Phone # in Guest Check-out' checked when 'Calculate Final Price from the POS' is also checked. This helps if pricing errors occur.


Fields are still visible on the Checkout page. CSS updates are required in order to hide the fields.

  1. Marketing Link - We added 2 new settings under the Site Settings section on the Merchant Admin page:
  1. Marketing Link Text - Enter the name of the hyperlink you want displayed on the website and in your App.
  2. Marketing Link URL - Enter the url of the site to navigate users.

What does this mean?

If a merchant has a ToGo Ion App, when the 2 settings are populated, they will automatically display in the App. The link (Marketing Link Text) will display at the bottom of the Home page and the top of every Menu page.  CSS work needs to be completed in order for the link to display on the website.  

  1. Using CSS, we now have the ability to display the Order ID on the Order Confirmation Page. 
  2. DELETE ACCOUNT - We added the ability for a user to delete their account.  Having the ability to delete an account is a new Apple requirement. They will not approve any new apps to the Apple Store without this functionality; if you can create an account via the app, you must provide the ability to delete the account via the app. 

The option displays on the ‘My Account’ page on both the website and App. 

When a user selects the button, they will be prompted with a list of merchants the account is associated with. The user has the option to Cancel or Confirm. If they Cancel, their account is not deleted. If they Confirm, the user’s information is deleted from the ToGo database. 

The option can be hidden on the website with CSS. It is recommended if the merchant uses an external SSO, that they hide the button. 


  1. Load Balance Period - ‘None’ is now an option when clearing out Load Balancing settings. 

  1. Convenience Fee Custom Label - Fixed an issue where if a custom Convenience Fee label was defined and then removed, the customer order confirmation email might display ‘:’ instead of the  ‘Convenience Fee’ label.

System Updates

  1. Updated AVS Decline Code list -  In an effort to reduce the issues some merchants have experienced where customers reported they couldn't submit orders, we updated the list of AVS decline codes to make the AVS validation a little less restrictive. We removed 2 codes from the decline list that were for Visa International cards only.

September 14, 2022

New Features/Improvements

  1. Continuous Scroll - We added a new option for how the menu displays. 

Location Home page > Menus section >  Menu Section UI

Has a new option: ‘Expanded with Horizontal Navigation.


What does this mean?

Menu sections will display across the top of the page and the items, 

separated into their menu section, will display down the page. This allows 

the user to continuously scroll down the page to navigate to menu items or 

they can still select the specific menu section and be automatically 

navigated to that section. 

NOTE: This will require additional CSS work to display correctly.

  1. Guest Checkout Only - We added the ability to allow for guest checkout only. There is a new setting ‘Allow Only Guest Check-out’ on the Location Admin page. When the setting is ON, users will NOT be prompted to Sign In/Sign Up


  1. ‘Require Email In Guest Check-Out’  - Added a message when the location is configured with a POS integration and ‘Calculate Final Price from POS’. 

NOTE: Recommendation: Keep "Require Email in Guest Check-out" Checked

TOOL TIP: Leave 'Require Email in Guest Check-out' checked when 'Calculate Final Price from the POS' is also checked. This helps if pricing errors occur.


  1. Promo Codes with Square - Square now supports $0 orders. 

NOTE: Square does NOT support a max dollar amount with Percentage Off Discounts. Square will apply the percentage off to the entire order even if ToGo is configured with a max value resulting in a negative balance due in OrderCloud after the order integrates with Square. 

System Updates

  1. Per Square requirements, updated the Square Payment Form to use Square Payment SDK.

August 24, 2022

New Features/Improvements

  1. Help Center - Not sure how to do something in ToGo?  We now have a solution. 

We added a link out to the ToGo Technologies Knowledge Base articles. 

The ‘Help Center’ link can be found in the OrderCloud banner for every page.


  1. Core Commerce - Added Core Commerce as a credit card processor.  

The required fields are the following fields:

  1. API/Token Key
  2. ProxyHeader
  3. Processor Id


NOTE: When performing a REFUND in OrderCloud, if the Core Commerce batch with that transaction hasn’t been settled yet, the Refund processes as a Void, If the batch has been settled, then it is processed and reported on the Core Commerce portal as a Refund. 

  1. Drag Icon - We added a drag icon to the left of the Menu Section to allow ease of use for editing especially on small mobile devices.


  1. Multiple Brands/One Ordering Site - Can you say Food Hall?

We added the ability to have multiple brands on 1 ordering site. The menu will automatically sync for Omnivore MMS locations only. The Meal Period must be unique and configured to identify each Brand. 

The setting ‘Show Section Brand Filter’ located on the Location Home page under the Menu section must be turned on



A menu containing multiple brands can be easily configured manually, using the settings above. It can also integrate into any supported POS as long as all items are present on one POS system. . 


  1. Offers - We fixed an issue where ToGo Offers did not require the minimum spend when redeeming (e.g. $5 off $25)

System Updates

  1. First Atlantic Commerce - Updated the config file for Refund processing with First Atlantic Commerce. 

July 7, 2022


  • Configurable Convenience Fee Label - - The label for Convenience fee is now customizable.

              * setting is on the Location Admin tab

               * Available for Location Admin roles and higher

               * Field is "Convenience Fee Label" (accepts up to 30 alphanumeric characters)

               * Label Displayed in the cart, on the Checkout page and on the Order Confirmation Email

  • New User Role Added - Asst.Manager - added a new user permission:Asst. Manager Limited. The new role has the following permissions:

              * 86 menue items

               * view orders

               * issue refund


  • Logging added to record user role changes
July 13, 2021


  • Email Template Footer Update - We removed “at the restaurant” from the footer message. The updated footer message is  “Please note: This message was sent by an automatic service. Please don't reply. If you need help, contact the restaurant."
  • Infor Update - The following updates were made to the order payload for the Infor POS integration:

              * customerPhoneNumber = phone number (NEW)

               * tableName = customer name (UPDATE)

               * OrderPlacerID = order number  (NEW)

  • DoorDash Drive for Brink POS - DoorDash Drive is now supported for Brink POS (via Omnivore MMS integration)
  • Promo Codes for Brink POS - Promo Codes are now supported for Brink POS (via Direct integration)

Bug Fixes

  • Northstar Menu Sync - Fixed an issue where a Northstar menu sync would not successfully process when the Order Area ID was not configured
  • Holiday Hours - Fixed an issue where a special ‘Holiday’ menu was not accessible when it was only configured for a defined holiday and not any day of the week
  • Omnivore and Fire Time - Fixed an issue where fire_time could be in the past
  • OrderCloud & 86ing an item - Fixed an issue where the 86 icon would not display after the Item Library was opened/displayed
June 15, 2021


  • Holiday Hours - Merchants now have the ability to define different hours for holidays without having to change the normal daily hours. 
  • Paytronix Gift Cards - Paytronix Gift Cards are now available for Guest Checkout.  Registered users also have the ability to add a Gift Card to their account from the Checkout screen. 
  • Aloha via Omnivore MMS & DoorDash Drive Pickup Time - We now send the Pickup Time on DDD orders. When configured in Aloha and Omnivore, the Pickup Time can now print on kitchen chits.

Bug Fixes

  • Square Menu Sync with Variations - Fixed an issue where items with variations would not sync when the item was shared across menus. 
  • Square Gift Cards - Fixed an issue when adding a new gift card and the number entered in the ‘Gift Card Number’ box included spaces (usually due to copying/pasting the gift card number from an email) resulting in an error when the ‘Add Gift Card’ button was selected.  Spaces are now automatically removed upon clicking the ‘Add Gift Card’ button and the new gift card is successfully added.  
  • Square Gift Cards - Fixed an issue where the Square Gift Card Token wasn’t successfully refreshing. 
  • Omnivore MMS Error Messages  - Updates were made in an effort to capture all error messages returned by Omnivore on failed orders.   
  • DoorDash Drive Orders - Fixed an issue where DDD Orders could not be placed for a future day when the location was currently closed.
June 7, 2021


  • Aloha and Promo Codes via Omnivore MMS - Added the ability to process Discounts in the Price Check and Open Ticket calls.
    The following is required for this to work:
  1. The Omnivore general.ini file must be updated to include the setting 'PriceCheckEmployee' = 'Training employee ID'
  2. The Omnivore agent must be version 21.3.19 or higher
  3. For Aloha MMS integrations, the MMS APIs are utilized
  4. In ToGo on the POS Integration page, the setting “Use Standard Price Check with Discounts” must be ON
  • Paytronix Loyalty - Paytronix Loyalty is supported for Micros. Rewards and Reward Dollars can be redeemed. Points are accrued based on order total.
    With the integration, ToGo Offers must be defined for every Paytronix reward. An update was made to the Offers tab, allowing the PLU defined in the Menu to be entered for eligible items.

Bug Fixes

  • Personica Loyalty Order Detail - Items configured using the Omnivore replace_parent strategy and Aloha modifier codes on modifiers are now reported correctly in the Order Detail sent in the Personica integration.
  • DoorDash Drive Orders With Promo Codes - Promo Code are successfully redeemed on DDD Orders with the new Omnivore agent.
May 24, 2021


  • Gift Cards for Guests - Guests now have the ability to use gift cards with merchants using Ackroo, Paytronix and Square Gift Cards. ‘Add Gift Card’ option has been added to the Checkout Screen.  
  • Personica Single Sign On (SSO) and Loyalty - Personica SSO and Loyalty are now supported.  When redeeming rewards, the user must enter the reward code in the Promo Code field on the Checkout Screen, available Rewards are not displayed .  The ToGo ‘Forgot Password’ link navigates the user to the Personica ‘Forgot Password’ url so the password will be updated in the Personica system.

Bug Fixes

  • DooorDash Drive- Fixed a bug when the Price Check on a DDD order returns a subtotal different than the subtotal calculated in OrderCloud resulted in a Failed order. 
  • DoorDash Drive - Fixed a bug where customers could place a DDD order before the defined Start Time when there were multiple time segments defined on the Hours page and the menu configured for Delivery was only part of the second time segment.
April 26, 2021


  • Promo Codes for Guests - Promo Codes can now be defined eligible for Guest Checkout. When defining a Promo Code, the Number of Uses must be defined or the new ‘Allow Guest Checkout’ toggle setting needs to be checked.  When ‘Allow Guest Checkout’ toggle setting is ON, Guests can successfully redeem the Promo Code. When ‘Allow Guest Checkout’ toggle setting is OFF, the user must be signed in to redeem the Promo Code and is limited to the number of uses defined. 
  • Location Search - On the Location Search page, when a city name is entered in the text box, the search occurs for the actual city rather than any address that might contain the city name providing more accurate results displayed.  
  • Square Gift Card - Per Square requirements, the Square Gift Card url was updated

Bug Fixes

  • POSi - Fixed the bug where the Menu # and Table # defined for an Order Type was not honored. 
  • Promo Codes - When more than 20 Active Promo Codes are defined, a scroll bar displays so a user can easily access all defined Promo Codes.
March 30, 2021


  • Square Loyalty - Square Loyalty is now supported. It can be used with or without the Square POS integration
  •     Square Rewards must also be defined on the OFFERS Tab in OrderCloud. (Copy/Paste the Reward name from Square Loyalty into OFFERS and the reward will be automatically created. You will need to update the necessary fields.) 
  •      Available Points display on the REWARDS Tab on the Ordering Site. 
  •      Available Offers display on the OFFERS Tab on the Ordering Site. If there is no image set up on the offer it will default to the TOGO logo.
  •      This account has 129 points so all offers are displayed
  •     Available Offers will display on the Checkout Screen allowing the customer to select a reward to redeem if so desired. The point value for each available reward is displayed.
  •      Only rewards that can be redeemed are displayed so if a customer only has 50 points, they will only see the rewards that can be used with 50 points.

Bug Fixes

  • DoorDash Drive with ‘Allow Tipping’ OFF - Fixed a bug the user was not able to edit the Dasher Tip on the Checkout Screen. When ‘Allow Tipping ‘ is Off, the Tip fields will always display when Delivery or Catering for Delivery have a Delivery Service defined. 
  • Delivery and ‘Allow Tipping’ OFF - Fixed a bug where the Tip options were displaying for the Delivery Order Type when ‘Allow Tipping’ was off.

March 14, 2021


  • DoorDash Drive with Dinerware is now supported. The DoorDash Drive fees and Dasher Tip need to be configured as an open item and non-taxable in Dinerware. Depending on merchant specific accounting requirements, a new Revenue Class might need to be added so the DoorDash fees and Dasher Tip are not included in sales. 
  • Square Gift Cards - Square Gift Cards are now supported for merchants not using Square POS.  NOTE: Square Gift Cards are NOT supported for merchants using Square POS. 
  • DoorDash Drive Orders - An update was made so the DoorDash Drive pickup time will never be before the location Open Time + Wait Time. For example, if a location opens at 11am and there is a 20 minute Wait Time, the DoorDash order pickup time won’t be before 11:20am.
  • Personica/Fishbowl Offers are now supported with Aloha MMS. If an order with a Fishbowl/Personica offer is canceled or refunded, the offer will become available again once the refund has been processed.

Bug Fixes

  • AO - Fixed a bug where canceled orders were being sent to AO.
  • Order Page (CUSTOM) - End Date is now inclusive and will display.
  • Canceled Orders and Printing - Fixed a bug where canceled orders were still printing on the ToGo Printer.
February 15, 2021


  • Omnivore MMS APIs - Aloha and Micros Omnivore MMS integration locations can now be configured to utilize the Omnivore MMS APIs. 
  • POSi and Promo Codes - Promo codes for POSitouch are supported. The POS ID entered on the Engagement page is the menu item number of the Discount in POSi. The Discount must be configured as a cell type 12 OPEN discount in POSi.  (Dollar off discounts are configured as an  Open Dollar discount and Percentage off discounts are configured as an Open Percent discount in POSi).  If a Max Amount is defined in OrderCloud, the Discount must also be configured with the Max amount in POSi. 
  • Order Page - A CUSTOM option has been added providing the ability to enter a date range to navigate to a particular order when over 1000 orders exist.
  • Sold Out - Added the ability to display 86’d items as Sold On on the ordering site. Location Admin setting ‘86’d items display as SOLD OUT’. When turned on and an item is 86’d, the item still displays on the ordering site but (SOLD OUT) displays next to the name.‘SOLD OUT’ items are moved to the bottom of the item list. When the item is back in stock, it displays back in the location defined in OrderCloud.
  • POSi Vehicle Information - Sending the vehicle information using a separate menu item and modifier is now supported. The following fields have been added to the POS Integration page: ‘Vehicle Memo Item Number (cell-type 1)’ and ‘Vehicle Memo Modifier Item Number (cell-type 27)’. These are not required fields. When configured in OC, the vehicle information will be the first item on the order. If the fields are not populated and left blank, the Memo Item Number will be used to send the vehicle information per current functionality.
  • POSi Table # and Menu # by Order Type - Sending Order Type specific Table # and Menu # is now supported.  The following fields have been added to the POS Integration page:’[OrderType] Table #’ and ‘[OrderType] Menu #’. These are not required fields; one, both or neither of the fields can be defined. When configured in OC, the defined Table # and/or Menu # will be sent when creating the order in POSi.  
  • POSi Tender Type by Credit Card -  Sending Credit Card specific Tender IDs is now supported.  The following fields have been added to the POS Integration page: ‘Amex Tender ID’,  ‘MasterCard Tender ID’, ‘Visa Tender ID’ and ‘Discover Tender ID’. The current Payment Type Number field has been renamed to ‘Default 3rd Party Tender Type ID’. Credit Card specific Tender IDs are not required fields, when not populated the ‘Default 3rd Party Tender Type ID’ is used. 
  • CVV and AVS - Many processors pass through the Approve or Decline returned from the Issuing bank which is often based only on whether or not the card is valid and not whether or not the CVV and/or AVS provided are correct. There are separate response codes returned for CVV and AVS. ToGo is now validating the authorization based on those response codes and not just on the Approve/Decline returned.
  • SpendGo - As requested by SpendGo, the following fields are included with SpendGo transactions: Tax, Tip, Deliver, Discount

Bug Fixes

  • Promo Codes and Aloha - Promo Codes with Aloha nonMMS have been fixed.
  • Bug fixes for Forgot Password and Change Password on the ordering site
  • Fixed an issue when a service charge was defined in the POS and not in Togo resulting in the order to fail. The value of the POS service charge is now added to the Delivery Fee so OrderCloud and the email order totals are correct. 

January 26, 2021


  • Aloha Vehicle Information - Sending vehicle information is now supported with Aloha/Omnivore. Requires Omnivore agent 21.1.8
  • Micros POS Name Field - Added Order # to the Name so the Name field is always unique
  • Jump to Location fields at the bottom of OrderCloud screens are now available to all users. Users that need access to locations from multiple merchants can easily change between locations.
  • Security - Users are now logged out of OrderCloud when a Windows browser is closed. Due to MAC limitations, it will not log a user out on a MAC.
  • Menu Sync - On the Menu Settings tab, a ‘Last Sync’ Timestamp was added displaying the last time the menu was successfully synced.
  • ADA Compliance - Additional ADA enhancements were completed to help provide a better user experience for the visually impaired
  • Micros and Aloha - We are now sending the default payment type on $0.00 orders so the order/check is closed in the POS.
  • Fail Order to Customer - For Omnivore integrations ONLY - Merchants now have the option to always fail the order to the customer if any integration (Credit Card Capture, Price Check, order injection) fails. When ‘Send At Prep Time’ is turned on, if the POS integration fails, the order is canceled and the customer is notified via email and robocall. No backup notifications are sent to the location.
  • The setting to turn on ‘Fail Order to Customer’ is located on the Merchant Admin screen in the POS Integration section. Once turned on, two additional settings display:
  1. ‘Customer Fail Message’ allows the merchant to configure a custom on-screen error message that displays when an order fails while the customer is still on the ToGo Ordering site.
  2. ‘Show Location Phone Number’ when turned on, the location’s phone # is included in the error message. If a Delivery Service is configured, the setting “Delivery Service Error Alert Email” needs to be populated so when a Delivery Service order fails to integrate at Prep Time the location can be notified to contact the Delivery Service to cancel the driver. A
    robocall will also be made to the location’s phone number in OrderCloud letting them know the order failed to integrate. This is for Delivery Service orders ONLY. Since no action is required by the location for regular orders, they will not be notified. If the merchant also has an Order Failure Notification configured, an email is sent for all failed orders.

Bug Fixes

  • DDD - Fixed an issue where DDD orders were failing when the Service Charge field was not defined in OrderCloud.

December 30, 2020


  • Maximum Order Amount Exceeded - When an order subtotal reaches the Maximum Order Amount defined for the Order Type, a pop up message is displayed notifying the customer. The message displayed is configurable. The new setting is located on the Location Admin page under the Checkout Options section.  Access to the new fields requires Location Admin permission. A default message has been configured: “Please call the restaurant directly to place this order”. There is also a setting to include the location’s phone # in the message.
  • ADA Compliance - Additional ADA enhancements were completed to help provide a better user experience for the visually impaired
  • Sparkfly Offer Management - Sparkfly Offer Management is now supported with Micros Omnivore MMS Point of Sale.

Bug Fixes

  • Replace Security - When adding a user to multiple merchants, the prior permissions is no longer overwritten. The Replace Security option defaults to OFF.
  • Creating a new account - Stars now display identifying the errors that need to be addressed in order to create the new ToGo account.
  • SMS Order Confirmation - Fixed the issue where 2 SMS messages were being sent to the customer when the Merchant level setting ‘Send SMS Order Confirmations’ was turned on.
  • SpendGo Points and the App - SpendGo points displayed in the app now match the SpendGo points displayed on the ToGo website.
  • Linga POS - Fixed a Linga POS issue where orders were not integrating after   a Linga software update.
December 1, 2020


  • Fresh KDS - Added the ability to define the Order Type to send to FreshKDS.
  • ADA Compliance - ToGo ordering sites are now ADA compliant. There is a floating widget in the bottom right that enables users to customize their experience.
  • AlohaMMS - When configured in Aloha and Omnivore MMS, the Order Mode is included with the order.
  • Cancel an order from OrderCloud - A "Cancel Order" button has been added to the Orders tab. The button is available prior to the order being integrated into the POS or Fresh KDS. For non-integrated sites, the button is available until prep time. Once an order has been integrated, only a refund can be issued. If the card has been charged on an order, canceling the order will also refund the card.

Bug Fixes

  • Fresh KDS - When configured to send at Prep Time, the current time is now sent when sending orders to Fresh KDS.
  • Order Failure Notification - The Order Failure Notification field is no longer required when making changes on the Merchant Admin or Engagement pages.
  • Focus POS - Menu syncs will no longer overwrite the Min/Max and Required fields on modifiers when defined in OrderCloud.
  • POSitouch - Special instructions are now being sent on items that are configured as a size in OrderCloud.
  • Order From Table - Fixed an issue where Order From Table was available outside of defined hours.
  • Menu Sync - Additional updates have been completed to make the menu sync process more efficient (When an item exists on multiple menus with different prices, the menu syncs on the correct item. Image URL, Nutritional Information and Price syncs on new items).
  • Order Report - Enhancements were made to improve the performance of the Order Report.
  • Square Menu Sync - Fixed an issue where variations were not syncing properly.
November 11, 2020


  • DoorDash Drive with Micros ​- the DoorDash Drive integration now works withMicros-Omnviore. The DoorDash items must be configured in Micros as ​no-tax/non-taxable.For ease of reporting, a new Major Category needs to be created and the DoorDashitems added to that category. Merchant's accounting will have to manually adjust salesto not include those items. Confirm the Revenue Center and Order Type are ​defined forDelivery in the POS Integration section.
  • QR Code​ - ToGo now supports passing the table number via the QR code for Order FromTable orders. When the table # is included with the QR Code, the order is automaticallystarted with the table number linked and the user is navigated to the "Choose Menu Section"screen and can immediately start their order. QR Format:h​ttps://​ where 111 is the Location Id and 123 is thetable #.
  • Bambora ​- Now supports charge morning of transactions for non-integrated locations orwhere Price from POS is not configured.
  • Order Error Notification: ​Merchants can now be notified via email when there is anintegration failure. Email addresses are defined in the new setting on the Merchant Adminpage, ‘Order Failure Notification’. The Order Failure Notification email includes the locationname, location ID, link to the location in OrderCloud, Location UnitID, order number, link tothe order in OrderCloud, date of integration failure and the error message.

Bug Fixes

  •  Menu sync updates adding efficiencies to the syncing process.
  •  Load balancing fix: Fixed issue where the Maximum Orders per Load-Balancing Period: value was not always enforced

    October 20, 2020

    Bug Fixes

    • Changed the keyboard displayed for the custom tip entry on iPhone so customers can enter decimals
    • DoorDash Drive: Fixed issue where the earliest available delivery time for DoorDash Drive orders was adding the delivery time from the internal delivery zone
    • DoorDash Drive: Fixed issue where dasher tips were not being sent to DoorDash
    • Brink POS Integration: Fixed issue with the order time that was causing Order from the Table orders to fail to inject to the POS
    • Fixed issue where Order from the Table orders could be placed outside of the times configured on the Hours tab


    • Bambora - ToGo is now integrated with Bambora for direct settlement credit card processing. *Currently Bambora can only be used to settle payments that are charged immediately when the order is placed
    • Paytronix Gift Cards - ToGo is now integrated with Paytronix gift cards. This includes both PIN required and PIN not required gift cards.
    • SVS Gift Cards ToGo is now integrated with SVS gift cards. Merchants can add a link to their gift card page in the OrderCloud gift card set up. Customers can use this link to open the gift card page and reload a gift card prior to checking out.
    • DoorDash Drive with POSitouch - the DoorDash Drive integration now works with POSitouch. The DoorDash items must be configured in POSitouch as non-taxable and non-sales items. "Send Delivery Fee as Gratuity" must be turned off in the POS integration settings to use a delivery service.
    September 28, 2020

    Bug Fixes

    • The Large Order Threshold Dollars and Wait Time now display forCurbside and Drive Thru. The current values entered in those fields and any new values entered will now display.
    • For ‘Order From Table’ orders, the Table # is included in the order name for the Fresh KDS Cloud integration
    • Fix for an issue where the inventory report was duplicating quantities when an item was sold at multiple locations


    • Location Promotions - Promotions can now be defined for a particular location(s). There is a separate tab on the Promotion edit modal to define the locations. New promotions default to all locations. The promotion must be saved first and then edited to make it a location-specific promotion.After a promotion is saved as a location specific promotion, a checkbox is displayed on the Location Management tab to make the promotion available for all locations again.


    • The Location Assistant Manager role now has the permission toCharge Card.
    • Merchant Admin Limited role has been created. Role does not have access to the User Report.
    • Canadian provinces now display under Billing State/Province andCanadian postal codes are accepted under the Billing Zip/Postal Code field.NOTE: Based on Canadian requirements, the postal code must be in capital letters.
    • Location Finder URL - Enables a merchant to return back to their website’s home page and not to the merchant’s home page. Option is available to ToGo Admin. Do ​NOT​ enter the same url as the Merchant Host url, the system will get in an endless loop.
    • The Units Sold column is included on the inventory report by default
    August 26, 2020

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where Drive Thru orders for Xpient-Omnivore MMS POS integrations where not injecting into the POS
    • Fixed a bug when the I’m Here link was selected immediately (prior to the order injecting into the POS) for Xpient-Omnivore MMS POS integrations resulting in the order never being Fired to the kitchen. We now verify the order has been successfully injected before sending the FIRE call to Omnivore.


    • Added a new Location role - Orders Only Limited. This role has access to Orders but not Refunds.
    August 23, 2020

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the Order Confirmation page was not displaying the correct instructions based on the Order Type.
    • Fixed a bug where Infor modifiers with a quantity were being cubed. For example, if we sent an item with Quantity = 3, due to the information coming back from Infor, the order would end up with quantity = 27 on the modifiers.
    • Fixed a bug where the SpendGo SSO wasn’t working properly with custom domains.
    • Fixed a bug with the Square menu sync and variations.
    • Fixed a bug related to the Guest Opt-in feature that resulted in errors when trying to create a new company or merchant. The Guest Opt-In field now defaults to off when creating a new merchant.
    • Fixed a bug with Micros-Omnivore and the Ready Time. The Ready Time can now be sent as a comment on a menu item so it will print on the kitchen chits.
    August 16, 2020

    Feature - Use I’m Here link to release order on Omnivore Xpient integration

    • The Omnivore Xpient integration includes a new setting for “Release order on customer arrival, but send it in a held state right away.”
    • If this setting is on then orders will be sent to the POS immediately
    • When the customer clicks the I’m Here an update will be sent to the POS to release the order

    Feature - Email opt in for guest checkouts

    • There is a new setting on the merchant admin page to allow guests to opt-in to email communication
    • The label on the opt-in is customizable on the merchant admin page; the default is “Sign Up for Emails and Offers”
    • If this setting is on then when customers check out as a guest they will be able to check a box to opt-in to receive emails
    • The Orders Report will display the guest email opt in value

    Improvement - Vehicle information added to Omnivore Xpient and Brink integrations

    • For curbside orders the customer’s vehicle information is now being sent to the Omnivore Xpient and Omnivore Brink integrations

    Improvement - Customize message on the I’m Here confirmation page

    • Merchants can use CSS to customize the message a customer sees on the web page after clicking the I’m Here link
    August 9, 2020

    Feature - Confirmation Email Styling

    • Merchants can now customize the subject line of the customer confirmation email
    • Merchants can also add additional styling to the email body using CSS - contact your account manager for more information

    Feature - Nutritional Information

    • Menu items and modifier items now include a nutritional information field
    • This field can be used to enter calorie counts for the items, which will be displayed to customers
    • The field is a text field which will support calorie ranges
    • The word “calories” will be added on the UI, but this label can be hidden or changed using CSS

    Feature - Separate Curbside Order Type

    • The curbside order type is now available as a separate order type in addition to as a sub-type of take out
    • This order type will have the same functionality as curbside as part of take out, but will display to the customer as a separate order type selection
    • By making curbside a separate order type the merchant can also assign it different settings, such as a different menu, different wait time, minimum order amount, or fees

    Feature - SpendGo Item Level Rewards

    • For non-integrated locations, SpendGo Item Level Rewards are now supported.

    Improvement - Customize the Email Opt In Message

    • Merchants can now customize the email opt in message presented to the customer during account creation
    • To enter a custom message open the merchant page in OrderCloud, select the Admin tab, and enter the message in the Opt In Label box under Site Settings

    Improvement - I’m Here button now displays on the order confirmation page

    • The I’m Here button link will now display on the order confirmation page for locations that use the I’m Here feature
    • This button can be hidden or styled using CSS - contact your account manager for more information

    Improvement - Promo Codes

    • Promo codes can now be scheduled with a start date
    • Existing promo codes can now be viewed and edited
    • Merchants can set a cart minimum for the promo code

    Improvement - Inventory Report

    • The inventory report has been updated to accurately reflect the items sold
    • The modifiers and sub-modifiers are associated with their parent items
    • The CSV export will maintain the parent item-modifier item relationships

    Improvement - POSitouch Menu Sync

    • The POSitouch menus will now sync on the inventory number, screen, and cell
    • If the merchant moves an item to a different screen and cell on the POS the new item will be added to OrderCloud. The original item will still be displayed as Active in the item library.

    Improvement - ToGoOrder.Com Message on Customer Receipts

    • The customer receipt for orders processed on aggregated settlement will now include the line “Your card will be charged by”
    • This will hopefully reduce the number of chargebacks

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed assistant manager role so users with that role can no longer edit the modifier names
    • If a location only has one order type and it is unlisted the ordering link will now work
    • With the horizontal menu layout, after viewing or ordering an item, the user is returned to the current section, not the first section of the menu.
    • When the ‘I’m Here’ and “Override Timing and Send Order on Customer Arrival functionality is utilized, future orders sent to Brink, Xpient, Micros, and POSi through Omnivore will adjust the ready time to the current time
    July 23, 2020

    Feature - DoorDashDrive Integration

    • Support for DoorDashDrive delivery service for non-integrated locations, Aloha Omnivore locations, and locations using FreshKDS Cloud
    • Currently the integration is not supported for any other POS integration
    • Using DoorDashDrive required account set up with DoorDash - contact your account rep for more information
    • For more information on the set up and functionality of this integration please watch this video: VIDEO LINK

    Feature - Text Message when Order Prints

    • Locations now have the option to send a text message with a link to the order when the order is sent to the ToGo printer
    • The text messages are sent by order type
    • To turn this feature on edit the order type and select Send SMS When Printing
    • The text messages will be sent to the phone numbers set up in the backup notifications
    • The user must be logged into OrderCloud on the device

    Improvements - SpendGo Loyalty Integration

    • Bug fix to allow guest checkouts on merchants using SpendGo SSO
    • Update to use current SpendGo APIs and security requirements
    • NOTE: This set of improvements does not include support for item-level rewards

    Improvement - Customer Receipt Email Customization

    • Merchants will be able to customize the subject line and look-and-feel of the customer receipt email using CSS
    • This is set up on the merchant Admin tab in OrderCloud - contact your account rep for more information
    • More updates to come

    Improvement - Sales Email Reports

    • The location daily and weekly email report will now include Curbside as a separate order type in the body of the email

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the checkout screen would incorrectly display a “savings” amount if the cart included an item unavailable on the current day of the week
    • On Omnivore menu syncs if a modifier group has a minimum of 0 the sync will set required to false in OrderCloud regardless of the required value in Omnivore
    • Fix for Infor sending duplicate emails
    • Tags - The Location Tags tab is now available for the Location Manager and Assist Manager roles.
    July 13, 2020
    • Feature: Menu Item Tags
      - Ability to add tags to menu items
      - These tags can be set to be visible at the location or only at the merchant (they should be set to the location if you want to 86 based on the tag at the location)
      - Ability to 86 menu items by their tag at both the location level and the merchant level
      - Ability to Un-86 menu items by their tag at both the location level and the merchant level
    • Bug Fixes
      - Fixed error when attempting to remove an item from a modifier group
      - Fixed issue with Dishout campus card redemption
      - Updated FOCUS gift card integration to use current APIs
    June 3, 2020
    • Option to send Order Total to Fresh KDS
      Send Tip / Subtotal / Total as Note
    • Merchant Notes on Menu Items and Modifier Groups
      Notes can now be added to menu items and modifiers in the menu section of OrderCloud for better organization
    February 4, 2020
    • Additional Tender Types on Omnivore Integrations
      In the POS Integration settings there are now options to set different tender type IDs for Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, Loyalty, Gift Cards, Meal Plans, and Default 3rd Party Tender Type.
    • Linga Loyalty Accounts
      Loyalty accounts now include the customer's phone number so the merchant can locate the customer more easily.
    • Menu - Auto Sync
      Corrected a bug that was preventing auto sync from firing.
    • Menu - Min/Max on Modifier Groups
      The modifier groups now include a minimum quantity. If this is set the user must select that many options from the modifier group in order to add the item to their cart.
    • Curbside "I'm Here" Printer Ticket
      Update removes the extra special characters that were printing on the curbside "I'm Here" ticket.
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