Release Notes

New Features, Improvements, Bug Fixes
July 23, 2020

Feature - DoorDashDrive Integration

  • Support for DoorDashDrive delivery service for non-integrated locations, Aloha Omnivore locations, and locations using FreshKDS Cloud
  • Currently the integration is not supported for any other POS integration
  • Using DoorDashDrive required account set up with DoorDash - contact your account rep for more information
  • For more information on the set up and functionality of this integration please watch this video: VIDEO LINK

Feature - Text Message when Order Prints

  • Locations now have the option to send a text message with a link to the order when the order is sent to the ToGo printer
  • The text messages are sent by order type
  • To turn this feature on edit the order type and select Send SMS When Printing
  • The text messages will be sent to the phone numbers set up in the backup notifications
  • The user must be logged into OrderCloud on the device

Improvements - SpendGo Loyalty Integration

  • Bug fix to allow guest checkouts on merchants using SpendGo SSO
  • Update to use current SpendGo APIs and security requirements
  • NOTE: This set of improvements does not include support for item-level rewards

Improvement - Customer Receipt Email Customization

  • Merchants will be able to customize the subject line and look-and-feel of the customer receipt email using CSS
  • This is set up on the merchant Admin tab in OrderCloud - contact your account rep for more information
  • More updates to come

Improvement - Sales Email Reports

  • The location daily and weekly email report will now include Curbside as a separate order type in the body of the email

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the checkout screen would incorrectly display a “savings” amount if the cart included an item unavailable on the current day of the week
  • On Omnivore menu syncs if a modifier group has a minimum of 0 the sync will set required to false in OrderCloud regardless of the required value in Omnivore
  • Fix for Infor sending duplicate emails
  • Tags - The Location Tags tab is now available for the Location Manager and Assist Manager roles.
July 13, 2020
  • Feature: Menu Item Tags
    - Ability to add tags to menu items
    - These tags can be set to be visible at the location or only at the merchant (they should be set to the location if you want to 86 based on the tag at the location)
    - Ability to 86 menu items by their tag at both the location level and the merchant level
    - Ability to Un-86 menu items by their tag at both the location level and the merchant level
  • Bug Fixes
    - Fixed error when attempting to remove an item from a modifier group
    - Fixed issue with Dishout campus card redemption
    - Updated FOCUS gift card integration to use current APIs
June 3, 2020
  • Option to send Order Total to Fresh KDS
    Send Tip / Subtotal / Total as Note
  • Merchant Notes on Menu Items and Modifier Groups
    Notes can now be added to menu items and modifiers in the menu section of OrderCloud for better organization
February 4, 2020
  • Additional Tender Types on Omnivore Integrations
    In the POS Integration settings there are now options to set different tender type IDs for Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, Loyalty, Gift Cards, Meal Plans, and Default 3rd Party Tender Type.
  • Linga Loyalty Accounts
    Loyalty accounts now include the customer's phone number so the merchant can locate the customer more easily.
  • Menu - Auto Sync
    Corrected a bug that was preventing auto sync from firing.
  • Menu - Min/Max on Modifier Groups
    The modifier groups now include a minimum quantity. If this is set the user must select that many options from the modifier group in order to add the item to their cart.
  • Curbside "I'm Here" Printer Ticket
    Update removes the extra special characters that were printing on the curbside "I'm Here" ticket.
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