5 Things Restaurants Should Look For In A POS System

August 2020

All restaurants need to have a solid point-of-sale (POS) system, as they need to provide speedy and efficient service for customers. Ordering and paying at a restaurant shouldn’t be a hassle, and if it is, profits are going to sink. Customers who aren’t impressed with the service they receive won’t be coming back.

A good POS system boosts the reputation of a restaurant, but it also makes things easier for employees. That means less stress, fewer complaints, and better service.

When it comes to choosing the right POS system for your restaurant, there are a few things that need to be taken into account. Whether it’s got integration capabilities with your mobile app or features that automate order tracking, not all systems are created equal. Understanding what to look for in a POS system can help you make the best choices for your restaurant.

User-Friendly Interface

Time is money, so the interface of your POS system shouldn’t be complicated. The quicker a transaction can be confirmed, the better it is for the employees, customers, and company as a whole. 

Some user-friendly features that you might look for in a POS system include kitchen display systems, bill splitting capabilities, menu management, and layout customization. Third-party software such our integrated ToGo online ordering system can also be easily integrated into just about every POS system to ensure enhanced user-friendliness, automation, and more. 


You don’t need to break the bank in order to find a reliable POS system. Many systems come with bells and whistles that your business simply won’t need. 

In order to maximize your return on investment, think about how your business will use the system. Then you can find the most cost efficient one for you that includes your desired features. Maybe you rely heavily on reporting and analytics, but not so much on tableside ordering or delivery service features. Knowing what your specific business model requires will help you save money on unnecessary features.

Custom Features 

Your restaurant has its own brand, and you don’t want to change that just to fit in a new piece of software. A POS system will work best when it is tailored to your branding and messaging. Look for a customizable system that will fit easily into your existing process and branding. 

Our technology at ToGo can help you maintain branding consistency across your systems while also automating ordering processes and tracking your orders more efficiently. By combining your POS system with the proper management platform, you can develop a double-edged sword of digital features that improve your business operations.

Adds Business Value

Excellent point-of-sale systems help you increase your overall image and value. They give you the ability to more effectively maintain relationships with customers and encourage customer loyalty. 

Additionally, possessing modern equipment will only add to the prestige, reputation, and status of your restaurant. Integrations in your POS systems such as a mobile app can convey the message that your business is ahead of the digital curve and able to serve customers quickly and more efficiently than other restaurants.

Enhances Customer Service

For a business in hospitality, you need to make sure that you satisfy those who will determine your business’s future: the customers. It is not enough to provide fantastic meals; you also need quick and friendly service. 

A POS system that isn’t reliable will only cause delays, stress, and annoyance for both employees and customers. However, a good system will enhance your ability to provide the excellent customer service that people are looking for when they frequent your restaurant.

The Bottom Line 

Your overall business value should be continually improving, as standing still is pretty much the same as going backward in today’s competitive market. Reliable POS systems and third-party integrations will keep your business moving forward while ensuring you have the custom features necessary to support your growing operations.

Many POS system companies offer consultations and trial periods, so you can make sure you’re getting the right system for you. Just keep these five factors in mind, and if you’re still not sure where to start, contact ToGo Technologies today for recommendations on point-of-sale systems and our integrations.


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