How to Know If Your Restaurant Should Invest in a Mobile App

August 2020

Compared to dine-in traffic, the demand for online ordering and food delivery has grown 300% since 2014. Customers want the ordering process to be simple and convenient, which is why many restaurants have created mobile applications.

For many, the investment is very lucrative, but app development can also be a hassle if it’s not done properly. Luckily, there are great options to help make sure your mobile app is a good investment and well-integrated into your current systems.

To help you decide if a mobile app is right for your restaurant, consider the following questions. 

Is An App Right for You?

It is important to get the full picture of your options for online ordering technology before deciding if an app will increase the success of your business.

To help you in this decision, consider the following questions. 

Does it fit within your budget?

Determine if investing in a mobile app is something you can afford. The functionality of the app will most likely determine the cost. 

An app cost can vary, depending on the complexity. A feature-rich app will value at the high end of that scale, while a simple, user-friendly app will be less expensive.

Will it increase profits?

Since a mobile app is an investment, you want to make sure that you can get a return on it. The app should increase your orders, thus increasing profitability. 

A mobile app makes your restaurant more accessible, which will increase your amount of customers. Mobile order is convenient for busy professionals and parents, and young adults are also more likely to order through an app. In 2016, 40% of consumers prefered to order online, and that number has only increased since, especially with a global pandemic going on.

Will it enhance your ability to provide excellent customer service?

Mobile apps can perform a number of tasks to help improve your customer service. For example, feedback sections allow customers to tell you about their experience, good or bad, and that information can guide future improvements. 

An app could also track your metrics, like order volume at different times of day, making marketing easier and increasing sales. They can also notify customers of expected wait times, and that transparency will only increase customer satisfaction.

Can you add custom features? 

Your restaurant has its own style, and so you might want your app to have personalized features that suit the needs of your particular customers. You’ll also want the app you use to match the branding of your restaurant. If you decide to create a mobile app, make sure you choose a developer who will work with you to customize it. 

Can it integrate with your current POS systems?

Training on new systems is time-consuming and frustrating. You want a system that fits your existing work culture and philosophy, without having to overhaul all the technology you already use. That way, your new app can immediately get to work growing your business, not slowing it down.

How to Properly Manage and Integrate Your Mobile App 

While investing in a mobile app can bring huge benefits to your business, it needs to be managed and integrated properly within your existing systems to ensure it truly enhances profitability and efficiency. 

Partnering with ToGo’s online ordering technology is a cost-effective way to increase your online accessibility and reach your business goals. Our platform helps you better utilize your app within your restaurant’s existing processes, all while maintaining your branding and paying zero commissions to us. 

No matter what your goals, ToGo Technologies can develop the system you need, with customizable features that fit your business and integrate with your current systems. The ToGo team can give you restaurant the online ordering boost it needs to keep growing in unprecedented times.


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